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27 Septembre 2013 , Rédigé par Da Writer Publié dans #Poesie



I humbly appraise my mother's worth
It began with pain to give me birth
Which triggered off a love so strong
Blossoming into a life-long bond.

When needed, she was always there
Someone I realized would always care
And the older I got, the more I knew
A mother's love is sincere and true.

She worked her fingers to the bone
To make our house into a home
She was there to teach and guide
And always stayed right by my side.

She was through my pain and strife
And stayed constant in my whole life
She was there to lend me a helping hand
Until I had the strength to stand.

She picked me up when I was down
When I needed a friend she was around
She's the one who listens well
All those things I couldn't tell

Now as I watch my mother age in years
I'm happy to help and ease her fears
Privileged now to play my part
As she did for me from the very start

I'm glad that she chose to be
All this and more to me
She share a love that knows no end
She's my mother, but also my bestfriend.

I draw my strenght from her smile

I draw my strenght from her smile

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln

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